Firearm Training

Firearm training with military veteran, Richard Brooks, who has been a law enforcement officer, protective agent and security consultant providing services to the U.S. government in what he calls “the resort places of the planet.”

Richard's passion for teaching and passing on his wealth of knowledge to students is evident in every course! He first founded Archangel Tactical Consulting Inc. to make professional and world-class training available to everyone, which has now evolved into Templar Shooting Sports and all of the training we have to offer!

Richard's current qualifications are USCCA Training Counselor and Instructor.  NRA certified Instructor, TN State Instructor and certified traininer for the TN Department of Commerce.

Veteran and Family owned

Richard Brooks, has a lifetime of qualifications for firearms instruction. He joined the then U.S. Coast Guard in 1990 at age 18 and has been in law enforcement/security training since then. In 1996, he was sent to the Alaska State Troopers Academy in Sitka, Alaska, and spent four years as a military police officer in Kodiak; he left the Coast Guard in 1999. The following year, he went through the Sheriff’s Academy in Jefferson County, Colorado, and became a deputy sheriff serving the west metro area of Denver. As a field training officer for that department, he trained new deputies in tactics and street survival until 2006.

The oldest of the Brooks children, Richard III (informally called “Trey”), served in the Marine Corps, having completed three combat tours in Afghanistan. It was Trey who designed the new company’s shield-and-crossed-swords logo around the Knights Templar theme.  Trey is the operations manager for the range.

Brooks’ stepfather Mark Bauer serves as its general manager. As the company’s “business mind,” he will keep operations running while the staff focuses on serving and training our middle Tennessee community.

Templar Shooting Sports
Templar Shooting Sports

Practical Training for All

Templar Shooting Sports

At Templar Shooting Sports, we aim to provide the most practical and real-world training available.


From an instructor with real-world experience from all aspects of the Military, law enforcement, and security world. Real training for real people!

With a primary focus on personal defense and protection, our training is easy to learn and maintain. Our courses are designed to help anyone gain the skills and confidence that they need to carry a firearm in everyday life. From basics to the more advanced tactics of concealed carry, we will give you the tools to ensure you and your family are safe.

Our Family

Templar Shooting Sports

Richard Brooks Jr

Owner, USCCA, NRA and TN state certified instructor.  USCCA Training Counselor and certified armed security trainer.

Templar Shooting Sports

Mark Bauer

General Manager. NRA and TN state certified firearms instructor.

Templar Shooting Sports

Rich "Trey" Brooks III

Operations Manager.  NRA, USCCA and TN state certified instructor.

Templar Shooting Sports

Mike Maples

Mike is an NRA, USCCA and TN State certified firearms instructor with over 25 years of experience as a trainer. 

Templar Shooting Sports

Teri Malone

Teri is a NRA, USCCA and TN state certified firearms instructor. She is the mother of 2 and grandmother of 4.  

Templar Shooting Sports

Kaitlyn Rob

Kaitlyn is a NRA, USCCA and TN state certified firearms instructor and EMT.