Handgun Carry Permit

Handgun Carry Permit
We are now open and ready for business... and fun! Hand gun carry permit classes will be held the first and third Saturdays of each month, excluding holidays. Basic Pistol classes coming soon, watch for updates. Defensive Pistol classes now open, call for dates.

Our certified instructors teach the handgun carry permit class, which enables you to protect yourself, your family and your community. We provide everything you need at registration. All permit Classes are given the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Watch for our upcoming Gun Cleaning Classes!
Signing up is easy, just stop by or call us at 931-222-4657.
Single $75.00 and Couples are $125.00

Basic Pistol Instruction

Templar Shooting Sports provides basic pistol instruction to teach gun safety, firearm cleaning, loading and unloading, selecting proper ammunition, grip stance, firing, holstering, and other basic fundamentals every firearm owner should know.

Our Basic Pistol class is four hours and the cost is $50.00.
Defensive Pistol I is 8-9 hours and costs $100.00, prerequisite - Handgun Carry Permit.
Defensive Pistol II is 8-9 hours and the cost is $150.00, also requires Handgun Carry Permit.


Defensive Pistol I & II

Defensive Pistol I emphasises shooting skills in real life situations covering mindset, handling your firearm, and marksmanship.
Defensive Pistol II develops your reflexive and sub-conscious abilities to increase speed and accuracy and teaches how to shoot moving targets as well as many other advanced tactics.

For more comprehenisve skills, speak to Richard about a personal training course with one-on-one private instruction.

Pistol Instruction Class

Security Classes

Armed Class two-days 16 hours, Unarmed Class 4.5 hours, Armed Renewals 4.5 hours

The first 4.5 hours of the class are for both armed and unarmed security, beginning at 0830.
The unarmed class ends at approximately 1300 hours. The armed class continues until approximately 1630 hours.
The second day begins at 0830 for the person initially obtaining their armed security license. Also, the first four hours the students who need to renew their armed license attends this portion. The armed class continues until approximately 1630 hours.
For the two-day armed class or the armed renewal, students will need a quality handgun in any one of the following calibers: 9mm, 38spl, .357, 380, lOmm, .40, .45 auto. You also need a quality holster, and at least one spare magazine (2 preferred). If shooting revolver 2 speed loaders are preferred and you need to bring or purchase from the range 100 rounds of ammunition. You are required to wear adequate eye and ear protection.

Our Classes Work

Basic Pistol Class

Basic Pistol

Defensive Pistol Class

Defensive Pistol

Carry Permit Class

Carry Permit